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Future Success in School Can Start with an Early Love of Books

September 10th, 2012 by Holly Wyrwich


Today Nina Auerbach, Thrive’s President and CEO, took some time to address the important questions.

Nina Auerbach visits Educare
“What color is the bird?” “Do you have a doggie or kitty at home?” “What sound does a sheep make?”


These, along with all of the good fun happening on the bus with the wheels that go ’round and ’round, were the key issues at the Educare Early Learning Center in White Center, where Nina sat with a class of babies and toddlers to read books and sing songs.


“Nothing is more invigorating than reading to kids!” Nina said afterward.


Reading, singing and talking are important activities to do as soon as a child is born. They help build language skills even before a child can talk or understand what’s being said. In fact, an activity like this is one of the building blocks of early learning and kindergarten readiness. Love, talk and play are three key things all parents can and need to be doing with their children every day.

Nina wasn’t the only one who switched up business suits and conference rooms for cubbies and circle time today. Gov. Chris Gregoire and Department of Early Learning Director Bette Hyde visited Denise Louie Education Center in Seattle to kick off the governor’s “Read Early, Read Often” initiative.


“Just 20 minutes a day can not only help make your child a more proficient reader, it will strengthen the bond between parents and their kids,” said Gov. Gregoire, who has served as co-chair of the Thrive by Five Washington board since helping to create the public-private partnership in 2006.


Back at Educare, as Nina finished up a rousing rendition of “Wheels on the Bus” and waved bye-bye, she thanked Gov. Gregoire for the inspiration to participate in story time.


“This reminds me of why I do this work,” she said. “This is a precious time in these children’s lives, when they are building the skills they will need in school and life.”


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