Home Visiting

The arrival of a new baby is a time of joy and transition for every family. Some families face additional hurdles. They are young, single or low income and need extra support to ensure their families grow and thrive.


What is Home Visiting?

Either before their child’s birth or in their child’s first few years of life, families are voluntarily matched with trained professionals who provide information and support related to children’s healthy development, the parent-child relationship and the importance of early learning. Research shows that in a child’s brain development, this early time is critical to later success in school and life.

Home Visiting Services Account

In 2010, Washington state established the Home Visiting Services Account (HVSA) to efficiently and innovatively support more families—especially those in vulnerable situations—while advancing the field of home visiting.
In just five years, the HVSA has expanded from funding four grantees serving about 120 children, to dozens of grantees with the capacity to serve more than 2,000 children statewide, while decreasing the cost per child through economies of scale.

The Washington state Department of Early Learning oversees the account, and Thrive administers it. Thrive also raises the private funds to match public support. For more information, contact Family Engagement Director Marcy Miller.


If you would like to learn more about home visiting, eligibility requirements and programs in your area, please call the Family Help Line at 1-800-932-HOPE, or visit ParentHelp123.org.