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Paul Nyhan

Birth to Thrive Online blogger Paul Nyhan


I am a dad who made his living for 21 years as a working journalist, with long stints at Bloomberg News, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper (RIP) and Congressional Quarterly.

So far, I have split my career between the two Washingtons, spending half in the nation’s capitol and the other 10 years in Seattle. During those years I covered a lot of territory, reporting on Congress, the Federal Reserve, lobbying, public housing policies and even those derivatives now wreaking havoc with our economy. In Seattle, I wrote about the economy, aerospace, organized labor, disability, taxes, working poverty, family news and the broken economics of child care.


My most satisfying beat, though, was my last as a family reporter, since it allowed me to work on my most important job — parent of a five-month-old baby, a daughter in preschool and a son in kindergarten — while still working as a journalist. My newspaper is now closed, but I am still on the beat. Since 2009, I have been writing about early learning for Thrive Washington and covering family trends and news for various publications.


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