Giving Tuesday: Why I Give to Thrive


By Janet Levinger
Thrive by Five Washington board member




Janet Levinger

On this Giving Tuesday, please join me in creating more opportunities for children in our state by making your year-end gift to Thrive.

A good start changes everything for kids. It’s the difference between a future of opportunity and a future of failure. Because kids who start kindergarten behind usually don’t catch up.
A good start also changes everything for our community. Imagine investing our tax dollars in roads and schools instead of prisons. Because kids who start strong are less likely to need remedial education, become teen parents, get involved with drugs, or end up in prison.
I like to focus on systems. Thrive is all about creating a statewide system that embraces quality – for ALL young kids. This system includes players on the ground all around the state. We help connect them, train them, support them. And this system includes players in Olympia, where Thrive works to make sure our youngest children and their families are on top of the agenda with policymakers.
For me, early learning is not just a good investment for kids, it is a smart investment for our community. That’s why I invest in and support Thrive by Five Washington.
Please make a contribution today.