Month: April 2014

  By Jill Johnson Early Learning Project Coordinator & Communications Specialist Community-Minded Enterprises   Today, we wrap up Our Kids: Our Business month in Spokane. This community-wide campaign uses a bright colored pinwheel as its logo. During April you’ll see pinwheels all across the city — images on signs and banners, and shiny plastic pinwheels[…..]

  We spend a lot of time analyzing the emerging world of high-quality early education, but this world isn’t springing from thin air. It is important to review past work that is fueling new ideas about what child care and pre-kindergarten can be.   Over the past week, two stories did that by exploring different[…..]

  Some of you expressed interest in accessing a library of “Love. Talk. Play.” tips and ideas. I know that you probably can each contribute to this library, but I thought I would get us started with an archive of all the weekly tips I’ve used on the “Love. Talk. Play.” Facebook, Twitter and email[…..]

  Policymakers are building early education systems around the country, and one of their main goals is to create high-quality child care and preschool systems.   But, what exactly is high-quality early preschool? This week, a story on National Public Radio explores this question.   As important as preschool is, defining high quality in child[…..]

  The countdown is on here in the office for the 2014 Leadership Luncheon, which is next Friday. More than 500 people are expected to attend the Luncheon – far more than we initially expected. Thank you for your enthusiasm!   During the luncheon hour, we’ll honor some of the early supporters of early learning[…..]

  Business leaders are a growing force in early education, as executives recognize the strong workforce they are demanding starts developing in the womb, crib and preschool classroom. Today, many businesses not only support early learning, but also help shape public policies.   Their role was clear over the last week. A coalition of business[…..]

  Sometimes you’re so busy creating and doing that you don’t realize how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learned and how much success you have to be proud of until someone makes you stop and answer a few questions.   That happened this past week when a group visited us from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.[…..]

  The digital world of iPads, e-books and ever-expanding types of screens is a reality in early education. Whatever teachers and parents think about the ubiquity of screen time, it isn’t going anywhere and there is a need for a plan.   An ambitious new report lays out a new framework to help them make[…..]

  We did it! And children and families win!   Last week, we asked for your help to save federal funding for proven and high-quality home visiting services that support our state’s most vulnerable children and families.   Many thanks to all of you who called, emailed and tweeted your members of Congress to support[…..]

  Imagine if we could treat high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes before those illnesses even showed up in adults.   Child care may have that power.   New research shows that children who attended a child care program that ranks among the best in the nation, Abecedarian, were less likely to have high blood[…..]