Month: May 2014

  Universal preschool has become one of the popular topics in the national discussion about early learning, and Seattle is now one of the cities that may actually turn that talk into a reality.   During the last year, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has been developing a plan to dramatically expand voluntary preschool for the[…..]

  These days, one message about parenting stands out more than the others: Keep it simple. To help babies and toddlers grow up happy and healthy, parents and caregivers need to focus on the little, everyday interactions that make a big difference. Scientists, researchers and early learning experts confirm that parents can focus on cuddling,[…..]

  By Karma Hugo Early Learning Director Northwest Educational Service District   Over the last several years, more than 1,200 preK-to-third-grade educators in the northwest region of Washington have engaged in a widespread, collaborative approach to joint professional development. One of the exciting outcomes of this collaboration has been the creation of a regional transition[…..]

  Washington’s public preschool program ranked among the leading states in quality and funding, sitting among the top 10 that hit quality benchmarks, according to an annual review of preschools across the country.   But, the state must complete an ambitious expansion of preschool in the coming years to fulfill its commitment to broader access[…..]

  “Let’s explore this book.” “Imagine something and draw on this paper.” “I love to sing our favorite songs together.”   We encourage our children in these activities because we want to build their confidence and creativity, their interest in reading and the arts, and above all, a lifelong love of learning. At Thrive, we[…..]

Recently we held our 2014 Leadership Luncheon with 550 people, raising excitement around early learning in Washington state — and more than $247,000 to help us keep doing great work to support our state’s youngest children and their families. Our favorite Tweet during the luncheon: I’ve been to my share of luncheons and I can[…..]

  From the myriad issues that swirl around education inequities, these folks zeroed in on one: educational outcomes for tribal youth. It was a signal to me how important our partnerships with tribes in Washington are and will continue to be.   It was The River Gathering: A Confluence of People, Places and Spirit, a[…..]

  Washington state is halfway through its federal Race to the Top work, and it’s on pace to finish strong, even after hitting a few bumps.   When Washington won its $60 million federal Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant two years ago it set ambitious goals for its quality rating and[…..]

  By Stacie Marez and Marilyn Van Oostrum Central Early Learning Regional Coalition   One mother had questions about her daughter’s developmental milestones and how to start potty training. Another mom, a 43-year-old with a first-grade education, started taking pre-GED and computer classes. A teen parent living with extended family members weathered her relatives’ substance[…..]