Month: June 2014

  On Saturday, longtime Thrive by Five Washington board member Jackie Bezos launched a movement to build an early learning nation by 2025, and quickly won the support of leaders who will help drive the effort: U.S. mayors.   At their annual meeting in Dallas, Texas, mayors unanimously endorsed a resolution supporting the community-led Early[…..]

  Today, a rising wave of children are arriving in preschool and child care with a label — a diagnosis of autism, ADHD or another disorder — and they are changing early education.   The spike in diagnosis of childhood disorders means that 1 in 9 children are now told they have attention deficit hyperactivity[…..]

  The last month or so has been chock-full of opportunities for me to spread the good word about the importance of early learning and Thrive’s work. We’re so fortunate to live in Washington state, which is a national leader in this work as the result of the extraordinary vision and tireless efforts of so[…..]

  It’s been two years since President Barack Obama proposed his sweeping early education plan and it remains stuck in the congressional swamp, nowhere near his desk.   Instead, states and cities continue to lead the way on early learning reforms. New York City, for example, has launched an ambitious universal preschool program, and Seattle[…..]

  By Marlaina Simmons Regional Coordinator Olympic-Kitsap Peninsulas Early Learning Regional Coalition   Most mothers will tell you that grocery shopping with young children can be challenging. But what if it could be fun and educational instead? This summer, the Olympic-Kitsap Peninsulas Early Learning Regional Coalition will try out the use of the “Love. Talk.[…..]

  In the debates over education reform in recent years, policymakers and educators revamped and expanded early learning in states around the nation. But, how do we know if those statewide reforms are working?   A new report suggests we need a clearer picture of schools — in particular a new way of measuring statewide[…..]