Month: September 2014

  I was trying to think of a type of transportation that I haven’t used in the past month. From walking and busing across the Seattle area to meet with partner organizations, to driving round trips to our state’s Capitol in Olympia, to flying across the state to Spokane and Wenatchee to connect with board[…..]

  I am a mother of two, and though my husband and I benefit greatly from working together to raise our daughters, we have had our moments. We needed support from friends, relatives, professionals. In this way, Mike and I are no different than the families who receive home visiting services. All families need supports[…..]

  By Woodland Park Zoo   Woodland Park Zoo wants to connect children to nature, both at the zoo and out in the community. With a grant from Thrive by Five Washington’s Discoveries from the Field Fund, the education team had an opportunity to go off-grounds and learn from families who are less likely to[…..]

  As the federal preschool initiative largely stalls, for now, Seattle is quietly making progress towards city-wide preschool and a higher profile for early learning, proof that much of true early education reform is happening locally.   In recent weeks, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray rolled out his budget plan – he unveiled his official fiscal[…..]

  Washington’s bid for a federal Preschool Development Grant is shaping up to be more than a request for funding. It will be a bid to transform public preschool across the state.   In its application, Washington will lay out its vision of a coordinated and voluntary preschool system that encompasses a wide range of[…..]

  By Marlaina Simmons Regional Coordinator Olympic-Kitsap Peninsulas Early Learning Regional Coalition   For the first time ever on the Olympic Peninsula, we are bringing together home visitors for networking and training.   In the field of home visiting, professionals face unique challenges and require specialized support. We hope to address some of their needs[…..]

  Once again Americans are saying they want the federal government to expand pre-kindergarten, with 70 percent supporting greater federal funding to ensure all children have access to a good pre-k classroom, a new Gallup poll found.   This is the second poll in the last two months that shows voters want improved access to[…..]

  Toddlers can do math — basic probability and other concepts — and this discovery could lead to new ways of teaching mathematics in early learning classrooms and beyond, a new study suggests.   The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) research showed that toddlers could figure out one strategy was more effective than[…..]