Month: October 2014

  For a social services organization, it takes courage to ask the tough questions. What is working for families? When and where do they want to connect? Who do they trust to deliver important information?   “Asking families what they want can be scary,” said Renee Slaven, program manager for the Parents as Teachers home[…..]

  The nine winners of the first Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge now face the same looming deadline and question: How will they sustain their work when the four-year grants run out next year?   A new set of polls suggest that the public wants them to keep up the good work.[…..]

  By Chinese Information and Service Center   Over the past few months, Chinese Information and Service Center has been busy playing in different STEM Labs. These labs are focused on immigrant children 1-5 years of age and meant to give them a head start in learning science, technology, engineering and math. Some of the[…..]

  Voters will decide control of the U.S. Senate, the fate of competing Seattle preschool plans and a slate of other important issues in two weeks, and new polls suggest they also will support early learning in key states.   In the latest sign that early education investment is a bipartisan issue, a majority of Republican[…..]

  I love talking with business leaders about early learning because they clearly understand how they benefit from this early investment: Businesses succeed in thriving communities. And at the heart of thriving communities are thriving families.   That’s why, the Walla Walla Valley Early Learning Coalition’s annual Our Kids: Our Business luncheon with 150 business[…..]

  The research keeps adding up: Early math concepts and skills are a strong predictor of later reading and math achievement. It is widely understood that children should begin building literacy skills early on. Fewer people understand the need to foster early math skills, which connect directly to school success. We all can play a[…..]

  By Jane Partridge Project Coordinator Visions for Early Learning   Food bank baskets filled with produce, a school library opened on a Saturday morning, and a magician waiting in the wings – all are an investment in nurturing resiliency in the small boy now listening to story-time with a farm-stand carrot held tightly in[…..]

  The first in a series that explores compensation in early learning.   Preschool and child care teachers typically don’t earn high or even medium salaries. In fact, students who major in early childhood education earn the least during their careers, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution.   Low pay among early[…..]

  By Lindsay Newcomer Coalition Coordinator Southwest Early Learning Regional Coalition   From the diversity of our region of the state, we draw great strength. Our Early Learning Regional Coalition starts in south Pacific county on the west and includes Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania and Klickitat counties. From Long Beach to the west and Alderdale[…..]

  I lived in New York City for five years, so traveling back to speak on a panel focused on racial equity in early learning was something I was really looking forward to. I still remember the passion and energy in the city around equity.   The attendees and panelists at last week’s event certainly[…..]