About Thrive

Our Vision

Every child in Washington state is ready to succeed in school and life.

Our Mission

Thrive Washington advances high-quality early learning – with a commitment to innovation and equity – throughout Washington state. We work with partners to activate communities, advocate for young children and families, and influence public and private investment.

Our Brand

This is at the core of who we are and how we do our work.

  • Visionary
  • Collaborative
  • Responsive

Our Key Roles

Thrive is the only organization looking at all aspects of early learning in Washington state. We play three important roles that our partners have asked us to take on and that we are uniquely situated to do:

  • Indispensable Partner: We bring together people to develop and hold a shared vision for what Washington state’s youngest children and their families require for a great start. Guided by data, trends, deep expertise, and voices from the field and families, we help others dream big, push through obstacles and keep each other accountable. With our partners, we share and advocate for this vision at all levels, engaging and inspiring decision makers, donors, new partners and families to join us.
  • Unwavering Advocate: We rally providers, policymakers, funders and communities and build their individual and collective capacity to serve children and families, wherever they are. Communities count on Thrive to amplify local voices to influence state policy and practice; provide guidance, tools and resources; and build traditional and unexpected coalitions. We elevate key issues and serve as a crucial conduit to spur action and broaden the commitment to early learning.
  • Breakthrough Investor: We invest in both proven solutions and those with great potential. We join with others to innovate and build evidence for what the best solutions can be and create opportunities for people to think differently. We apply our capacity and expertise, so that we all improve the way we support children and families. Whether it’s grant making, offering ourselves as a resource, building awareness, convening community leaders or advocating for more inclusive policies, we accelerate progress.

What Matters for Children

To ensure that all children in our state get a strong start in school and life, Thrive brings the following values to our work:

  • Parents are their child’s first teacher and most important advocate
  • Early childhood development is about more than learning and demands a comprehensive approach for children and families
  • A focus on racial equity and access for children and families furthest from opportunity is crucial to closing the opportunity gap
  • Engaged, supported and connected communities are vital to a healthy early learning system
  • High-quality programs and interactions require a balance of evidence and innovation to ensure the best results
  • Authentic partnerships are hard work and essential to progress


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