Advocacy Made Easy

Is the first thing on your to-do list every week to track the latest early learning legislative information and email your legislators at key points so they understand the implications of their policy decisions for your local community? Yes? Then this blog isn’t for you.
For everyone else, we know that advocacy is not the first thing on your list, and it probably isn’t the second or third either. You’re in the business of providing high quality care to children and families, or supporting those who do. BUT you bring a rich depth of experience and insight to your early learning work, and it’s critical that policy makers here from you about the needs and opportunities in your community.
That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible for you to be an early learning advocate and bring your experience to bear in statewide policy conversations. We’ve begun creating an advocacy toolkit that will hopefully help make this possible. The toolkit includes tips on how to plan and execute a legislative site visit, questions you can ask in a candidate forum, a story telling template, and a comprehensive media toolkit that we borrowed from our friends at Birth to Five Policy Alliance, First Five Years Fund, and Spitfire Agencies.

We will be building out this toolkit over the coming months and beyond, so let us know what you need! What would make it easier for you to contact and maintain a relationship with your legislators? What support, training, and templates do you need? Let us know and we will add it to the toolkit.
Your voices will help ensure that our state’s early learning policies are truly responsive to community needs.