Author: Dan Torres

  In order to convince policymakers of the importance of investing in early learning, we need to share our stories. Stories help make the case for investments in early learning and provide anecdotes that policy makers can look to when deciding how to vote or working to influence their colleagues.   Use the basic structure[…..]

Use the basic structure below to develop a one- to two-paragraph story, which can be sent to your legislators in the form of an email. We are planning a story blitz, when people across the state will have their stories shared with legislators at an appointed time. Submit your stories via this web form and[…..]

Family-focused. Building a true birth-to-five system. Intentional investments. I’ve used these phrases many times in my four years at Thrive Washington, and it’s great when I get to hear them used throughout the country, especially in wildly different settings. Recently, it happened at a meeting I attended that was hosted by the American Enterprise Institute[…..]

On Feb. 18, Thrive and the Washington State Department of Early Learning kicked off our 10th Anniversary years with a reception in Olympia to thank state legislators for creating us in 2006 and continuing to increase their bipartisan commitment and investment in our state’s youngest children and their families. The next day, Thrive brought together[…..]

  At age 5, our state’s Community Momentum work has reached an important milestone. Just like a kindergartner, we have grown and developed so quickly. And just like a kindergartner, we see some key learnings and connections in place, but we’ll need to continue to rely on others’ support and partnership to help us achieve[…..]

  I hadn’t spoken in a public forum directly to elected officials since the second grade. I spoke to the mayor of Antioch, Calif., (my hometown) to be acknowledged for an award for my essay on the U.S. Constitution. With that breadth of experience in my back pocket, I took the task of describing why[…..]

  I lived in New York City for five years, so traveling back to speak on a panel focused on racial equity in early learning was something I was really looking forward to. I still remember the passion and energy in the city around equity.   The attendees and panelists at last week’s event certainly[…..]

  The countdown is on here in the office for the 2014 Leadership Luncheon, which is next Friday. More than 500 people are expected to attend the Luncheon – far more than we initially expected. Thank you for your enthusiasm!   During the luncheon hour, we’ll honor some of the early supporters of early learning[…..]

  It took seven large stakeholder meetings, small workgroups in-between, and the commitment of more than 150 individuals to complete it, and, in the end, the Racial Equity Theory of Change (RETOC) gave us a shared roadmap for how we can live in a state where racial disparities cease to exist for children birth to[…..]

  I had the privilege of being a Washington representative at a recent BUILD meeting in Memphis, Tenn. It was a somber yet energizing experience for me, being in the city that saw the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and so many civil rights struggles while discussing the efforts that we[…..]