Author: Sam Whiting

  I love talking with business leaders about early learning because they clearly understand how they benefit from this early investment: Businesses succeed in thriving communities. And at the heart of thriving communities are thriving families.   That’s why, the Walla Walla Valley Early Learning Coalition’s annual Our Kids: Our Business luncheon with 150 business[…..]

  I was trying to think of a type of transportation that I haven’t used in the past month. From walking and busing across the Seattle area to meet with partner organizations, to driving round trips to our state’s Capitol in Olympia, to flying across the state to Spokane and Wenatchee to connect with board[…..]

  The last month or so has been chock-full of opportunities for me to spread the good word about the importance of early learning and Thrive’s work. We’re so fortunate to live in Washington state, which is a national leader in this work as the result of the extraordinary vision and tireless efforts of so[…..]

Recently we held our 2014 Leadership Luncheon with 550 people, raising excitement around early learning in Washington state — and more than $247,000 to help us keep doing great work to support our state’s youngest children and their families. Our favorite Tweet during the luncheon: I’ve been to my share of luncheons and I can[…..]

  From the myriad issues that swirl around education inequities, these folks zeroed in on one: educational outcomes for tribal youth. It was a signal to me how important our partnerships with tribes in Washington are and will continue to be.   It was The River Gathering: A Confluence of People, Places and Spirit, a[…..]

  We did it! And children and families win!   Last week, we asked for your help to save federal funding for proven and high-quality home visiting services that support our state’s most vulnerable children and families.   Many thanks to all of you who called, emailed and tweeted your members of Congress to support[…..]

  It’s been a while since my three kids were babies, but I remember very well the relationship we had with Dr. Robbie, their pediatrician.   We depended on her to help us keep our kids healthy and get them better when they weren’t. We asked her lots of questions about how our children were[…..]