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  By Marlaina Simmons Program manager Olympic-Kitsap Peninsulas Early Learning Regional Coalition   Before I went to the Washington Capitol in late March, I was intimidated by the idea of acting as an advocate. It seemed scary, and like there was no way I, alone, could make a difference. But now I know that our[…..]

  By Janet Levinger Thrive by Five Washington board member     On this Giving Tuesday, please join me in creating more opportunities for children in our state by making your year-end gift to Thrive.   Donate now   A good start changes everything for kids. It’s the difference between a future of opportunity and[…..]

  Neel Parikh’s accolades and awards are many. But when she is asked to name her No. 1 accomplishment in her 20 years of service to the Pierce County Library System, she names early learning.   As a former children’s librarian, Neel always recognized how important early learning is for families. She wanted to make[…..]

  The research keeps adding up: Early math concepts and skills are a strong predictor of later reading and math achievement. It is widely understood that children should begin building literacy skills early on. Fewer people understand the need to foster early math skills, which connect directly to school success. We all can play a[…..]

  “Let’s explore this book.” “Imagine something and draw on this paper.” “I love to sing our favorite songs together.”   We encourage our children in these activities because we want to build their confidence and creativity, their interest in reading and the arts, and above all, a lifelong love of learning. At Thrive, we[…..]

  I love this picture. (Well, except that my eyes are closed.) It marks a day in August 2009 that was a total game-changer for early learning in our state.   This round of high-fives came after state Superintendent Randy Dorn, Dept. of Early Learning Director Bette Hyde and I signed the Early Learning Partnership[…..]

  Hi All!   Please save-the-date for the next Advancing Racial Equity in Early Learning Community of Practice meeting on Tuesday, October 22nd!  Below you will find the information for the next meeting and several updates on the process moving forward.   Date:  Tuesday, October 22nd Time: 10:00am – 2:30pm Place:  Northwest African American Museum[…..]

  Hi All!   I hope you all are having a wonderful 4th!  We wanted to give a quick update on the Community of Practice meetings for the Advancing Racial Equity in Early Learning work.  Below you will find save-the-date information and several updates on the process moving forward.   In an effort to get[…..]

  After a long legislative session and two special sessions, we are excited to see the results from Olympia! With legislation and funding, our legislators have shown a commitment to early learning. We’d like to offer a high-level summary of the budget commitments for the biennium (2013-15). Look for more information about the budget in[…..]

    Hi All,   The budget has been signed, sealed and delivered (cue Stevie Wonder …)! Narrowly avoiding a government shutdown – we are back in business with exciting successes for early learning across the board!   Below is a recap of where we have been and where we have landed with the final budget. […..]