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  In the debates over education reform in recent years, policymakers and educators revamped and expanded early learning in states around the nation. But, how do we know if those statewide reforms are working?   A new report suggests we need a clearer picture of schools — in particular a new way of measuring statewide[…..]

  Kindergarten students may be better at math than we think.   A new study says kindergarten teachers spend a lot of time teaching math concepts — basic counting and geometric shapes — that their students already know. This repetition may not only bore kindergartners, it may depress their test scores at the end of[…..]

  One of the first steps towards narrowing the educational achievement gap can occur in child care when lower-income parents find affordable high-quality care.   But, a new report shows that nearly all U.S. states fail to support good child care in a critical area: market-based reimbursement rates for providers. Only one state, New York,[…..]

  The question of the week is “How Serious Are We About Early Learning?”   Over at Education Week a story definitely takes this question seriously with an answer that covers everything from quality child care to third-grade reading. It does not dive too deeply, however, into one key part of the answer, assessment. A[…..]