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  The nine winners of the first Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge now face the same looming deadline and question: How will they sustain their work when the four-year grants run out next year?   A new set of polls suggest that the public wants them to keep up the good work.[…..]

  Voters will decide control of the U.S. Senate, the fate of competing Seattle preschool plans and a slate of other important issues in two weeks, and new polls suggest they also will support early learning in key states.   In the latest sign that early education investment is a bipartisan issue, a majority of Republican[…..]

  Washington’s bid for a federal Preschool Development Grant is shaping up to be more than a request for funding. It will be a bid to transform public preschool across the state.   In its application, Washington will lay out its vision of a coordinated and voluntary preschool system that encompasses a wide range of[…..]

  Washington state will compete for funding in the federal government’s new preschool grant contest that would help develop its Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), and it’s positioned to make a competitive run.   In its application, Washington can highlight its strong record of investment in ECEAP, including that it’s in the middle[…..]

  It’s been two years since President Barack Obama proposed his sweeping early education plan and it remains stuck in the congressional swamp, nowhere near his desk.   Instead, states and cities continue to lead the way on early learning reforms. New York City, for example, has launched an ambitious universal preschool program, and Seattle[…..]

  Washington state is halfway through its federal Race to the Top work, and it’s on pace to finish strong, even after hitting a few bumps.   When Washington won its $60 million federal Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant two years ago it set ambitious goals for its quality rating and[…..]

  Washington state is taking a big step this year towards its goal of offering public preschool to all low-income families by adding 1,350 new chairs in classrooms this fall, and it’s focusing on the most at-risk families.   Since 2010, the state has been expanding the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), and[…..]

  It is federal budget season again, and President Barack Obama is pushing for big investments and changes in early education, proposing healthy increases in spending on home visiting, preschool and Head Start.   In his 212-page vision for federal spending, the president once again proposed his plan to expand and improve preschool. He asked[…..]

  It was a year of steady progress in early learning around Washington state. As the New Year begins we look back at the region’s top five stories in early education of 2013.   Racing Closer to the Top   Washington is wrapping up the second year of work implementing its Race to the Top[…..]

  Washington has been racing to top for more than a year and it has made a lot of progress, even as it adjusted at times on the way up.   The first year of the state’s Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant is chronicled in a story published this week by[…..]