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  The Washington Department of Early Learning made a move today towards creating a voluntary statewide quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) for child care – it has been a field test – by announcing 65 early adopters of the system. “We are now moving toward a voluntary statewide system that includes ratings for parents.[…..]

  The discussion about play and creativity in school and childhood keeps expanding. In the last four days, two different stories explored declines in play and creativity among children today, providing not only insights, but also ways to address both problems. Not surprisingly, the federal education law No Child Left Behind and television are cited[…..]

  We have been writing a lot about school readiness lately, and now it turns out playing simple games can help children develop one of the key skills needed to start school: self-regulation, a new study reports. Researchers found that children who played games based on the idea of Simon Says recorded better scores on[…..]

  This week Education Secretary Arne Duncan talked about kindergarten assessments – one of the priorities and lightning rods in the Race to the Top Early Learning competition – and tried to strike a balance between assessing school readiness and play. In a video, Duncan said teachers should lead thoughtful assessments that don’t in “any[…..]

  The national dialogue about family-work balance hit the airwaves this week, as National Public Radio ran a conversation with parents about “The Challenges of Child Care: Emotional Decisions and a Constant Juggling Act.” In the conversation on “All Things Considered” a range of parents explore the choices they faced and made in their careers[…..]

  Research continues to pile up this summer about the benefits of preschool. A new report found children who graduated from Michigan’s preschool program were not as likely to be held back a grade and had better attendance than students who didn’t participate in the program. Graduates of Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) had[…..]

  The deal to raise the debt ceiling is a set of commitments to reduce federal spending that delays the real work of deciding where to cut and how deeply until later this year. But, Head Start supporters should brace for a hit –100,000 spaces could be cut in fiscal 2012, including 1,100 in Washington[…..]

  I cannot always wait until Friday to run highlights of the week’s early learning news. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that kids are getting bombarded with fewer advertisements for fatty, sugary and salty food. The WSJ’s Health Blog covered a study that found the number of food ads that children between ages 2[…..]

  Military families confront long deployments overseas, relocation and others challenges. Amid this potential disruption their need for high quality child care is a major concern, a report says. Military families place a higher value on early childhood care than health care, according to an analysis from the Pew Center on the States. Like many[…..]

  Economists keep adding new research and arguments to support investments in early education and this month a report suggests it can boost property values. Economist Timothy Bartik presents an economic development strategy in his book, “Investing in Kids: Early Childhood Programs and Local Economic Development,” which includes investment in pre-kindergarten programs. He includes established returns on[…..]