Data & Reports

REPORTStatewide Quality Pre-K & Classroom Expansion: Access Gaps & Scenarios Analysis — 4.11.17

  • Thrive Washington and 3SI recently worked together to develop a data report on the slots and classroom space needed to expand the state’s Early Childhood and Education Assistance Program (ECEAP) and federally funded Head Start (HS).

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYExploring Pay for Success to Support Home Visiting — April 2016

  • In April 2016, Washington state completed a feasibility study to determine if a Pay for Success funding or contracting model could significantly expand, strengthen and scale proven home visiting programs statewide. The Department of Early Learning and Thrive conducted the feasibility study with the help of Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. and the Institute for Child Success. The study was done in collaboration with representatives from home visiting programs, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits and business, as well as elected and government officials.