Invest in Early Learning

Research tells us that improving early learning opportunities is one of the smartest investments and commitments we can make both socially and economically. Experts estimate an economic return of between $4 and $17 for every dollar invested in high-quality early learning programs. By increasing the likelihood that children will be literate, employed and college-bound, we decrease school dropout rates, dependency on public assistance and trouble with the law.
Children who participate in high-quality early learning programs get off to a strong start in school and are likely to stay strong throughout life.


Consider these facts about high-quality early learning:

  • The quality of life an adult enjoys and the contributions he or she makes to society can be traced, in part, back to his or her first few years of life. (Lessons Learned: A Review of Early Childhood Development Studies from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.)
  • For every child who participates in a high quality early learning program, the public benefit is $70,000 in avoided crime costs. (America’s Child Care Crisis:A Crime Prevention Tragedy. Washington, DC: Fight Crime: Invest in Kids – 2000)
  • The lack of available child care leads to employee absences costing U.S. businesses $3 billion annually. (Child Care & Parent Productivity: Making the Business Case. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, Department of City and Regional Planning – 2004)
  • Financial investments in early learning programs produce annual returns that can exceed the stock market’s—and result in more savings to society than any other social program. A quality early learning program can offer a 12% annual return after inflation. (Early childhood development: economic development with a high public return. FedGazette – 2003)

Please invest in our future by supporting the early learning work that Thrive is doing throughout the state. Together we can help children succeed in school and thrive in life.


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