Early Education Beach Reading


It is peak season for summer vacations, and there is a lot of early education reading you can tuck into your bag with your novels, glossy magazines and tablets.


Summer is a season of play, though it has an important role in the classroom, and National Public Radio explores its power and importance in a new series. You can start with “Where The Wild Things Play,” which explores a wild playground near San Francisco.


(Wild playgrounds) embrace the theory that free, unstructured play is vital for children and offer an antidote to the hurried lifestyles, digital distractions and overprotective parents that can leave children few opportunities to really cut loose.

—NPR. 8/4/14.

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Early education debate

School is out, but the debate over early education reform continues and there was fresh fodder in recent weeks.



Importance of inclusion

A new study suggests inclusive classrooms, with a mix of students with disabilities and students developing on more typical paths, can encourage language development.


 While kids with disabilities saw a big boost from attending class with children with strong language skills, researchers note that the kids with the greatest abilities did not see any downside from interacting with those who were not as advanced.

“Inclusive Classrooms Provide Language Boost, Study Finds.” 7/29/14.