Outreach Best Practices

Working with Child Care Providers

Partnership is a key component of successful early math efforts. Early Learning Regional Coalitions, made up of organizations from many sectors, have worked intentionally to include many partners. Libraries and Child Care Aware offices, in particular, have been integral to communication with child care providers.

To make the offerings as appealing as possible to providers, the coalitions:

  • Offer relevant training to those who showed interest
  • Perform intentional geographic targeting of resources
  • Use the expertise and connections of Early Achievers coaches
  • Send out surveys to better understand providers’ attitudes on STEM
  • Offer resources to carry out the improvements in environment and curriculum that their trainings suggested
  • Offer flexible ideas or models that could fit the environments that providers have access to
  • Respect the time limitations of providers who must already fulfill the requirements of licensing, Early Achievers and other structures


Supporting Families

In addition to encouraging child care providers to promote opportunities to the families they serve, the coalitions find that word-of-mouth promotion through networks of families is the most successful strategy.