Shared Learning

Play Cafés and Community of Practice

Project Child Success, the Pierce County Early Learning Regional Coalition, has been working to help providers implement STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities into everyday activities with children. In partnership with providers, Project Child Success offered Play Cafés that offered environment and curriculum suggestions. Those Play Cafés merged into a community of practice, in which providers could offer peer mentoring and share ideas. Providers were also invited on field trips to learn more about creating STEAM-friendly environments, and offered the opportunity to help train other providers on the topic. In 2016, the newly trained providers will start offering their own Play Cafés for the families in their communities.

Early Numeracy Kits

The North Central Early Learning Regional Coalition offers early numeracy kits out of elementary school libraries, to be checked out by parents and providers alike. It’s a joint effort of Child Care Aware, the North Central Educational Service District and elementary schools to provide the kits, which are also being promoted through play-and-learn groups.