Training and Professional Development

Play-and-Learn Math Focus

Focusing on play-and-learn facilitators, community partners from the Central Early Learning Regional Coalition offered monthly trainings to talk about how children learn math and to debunk math myths. The goal was to help integrate the information into play-and-learn groups.

STEM Training for Providers

The Central Early Learning Regional Coalition also provided training on STEM for early learning providers in which they could earn STARS credit. The collaborative also created a Spanish translation of a state Department of Early Learning training on STEM and offered sessions for Spanish-speaking providers.

Shared Professional Development – reflective practice cohorts

In Pierce County, child care providers were invited to participate in reflective practice cohorts, an opportunity to learn together and from each other. The reflective practice cohorts met regularly and included STEAM learning through discussion and activities. During these meetings, providers were encouraged to discuss ways to practically apply learned methods to their classroom.

One-on-one coaching

An early learning consultant visited each provider’s site. Using a strengths based, non- judgmental approach, the consultant worked alongside the provider to determine environmental changes that could improve the setting for STEAM activities.

Train-the-Trainer on STEM Kits

After creating kits to use in exploring STEM concepts, Inland Northwest Early Learning Alliance created a train-the-trainer session for early learning professionals to increase their comfort level with the materials.

Aligned Professional Development

The North Central Early Learning Regional Coalition set out to bring early learning providers and kindergarten teachers together on the subject of early numeracy. In addition to those audiences, the effort also attracted para-professionals and parents. The effort to align professional development helps create shared understanding about how all caregivers are helping prepare preschool-age children for kindergarten math.
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