ELPLP Brand Committee

Your home for all things related to the committee that is guiding naming and branding of the Early Learning Public Library Partnership.

Meetings and Notes

Running List of Name Ideas
Early Learning Public Library Partnership (ELPLP)
Library and Early Learning Initiative (LELI)
Early Learning and Library Initiative (ELLI)
Washington Early Learning and Libraries (WELL)
Early Learning Library Alliance (ELLA)
Washington Alliance for Libraries and Early Education (WALEE)
Washington Libraries for Early Education (WaLEE)


ELPLP 2007 goals ELPLP goals, up to 2015 ELPLP 2016 goals
1. Have public libraries recognized by early learning professionals, decision makers and the public for their work in early learning.

2. Public libraries become members of local and statewide early learning coalitions.

3. Public libraries will continue to grow in their services and influence in their early learning community.
1. Public Libraries influence early learning policy.

2. Strengthen the Early Learning Public Library Partnership

3. Establish the Public Library as the go-to place for literacy resources and family and community engagement early learning supports.
1. Librarians are recognized for as a key partner in closing the opportunity gap and increasing school readiness

2. Public libraries are each community’s go-to place for high-quality literacy interactions and family engagement

3. The Early Learning Public Library Partnership is strengthened


Surveys and Interviews

  • Survey link for ELPLP member feedback

  • Protocol for state stakeholder interviews
      Interview targets:

    • Greg Williamson, Department of Early Learning
    • Evette Jasper, Department of Early Learning
    • Aira Jackson, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • Gretchen Stahr Bruenig, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • Nancee Alvord, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • Karma Hugo, Northwest Educational Service District 189
    • Jodi Wall, Educational Service District 112
    • Sandra Szambelan, Educational Service District 101
    • Deeann Puffert, Child Care Resources
    • Lisa Conley, Child Care Resources
    • Sam Whiting, formerly of Thrive Washington and now of Boeing
    • Chris Rosenquist, Child Care Resources
    • Alan Walker, United Way of Chelan and Douglas Counties

Other States’ Library and Early Learning Efforts


Growing Young Minds

This report from IMLS says libraries and museums are community anchors, connectors, innovating learning specialists, stewards and digital hubs.

10 Ways Libraries and Museums Support Community Efforts
1. Increasing high-quality early learning experiences
2. Engaging and supporting families as their child’s first teachers
3. Supporting development of executive function and “deeper learning” skills through literacy and STEM-based experiences
4. Creating seamless links across early learning and the early grades
5. Positioning children for meeting expectations of the Common Core State Standards
6. Addressing the summer slide
7. Linking new digital technologies to learning
8. Improving family health and nutrition
9. Leveraging Community Partnerships
10. Adding capacity to early learning networks