Our Kids: Our Business in Spokane


By Jill Johnson
Early Learning Project Coordinator & Communications Specialist
Community-Minded Enterprises

Today, we wrap up Our Kids: Our Business month in Spokane. This community-wide campaign uses a bright colored pinwheel as its logo. During April you’ll see pinwheels all across the city — images on signs and banners, and shiny plastic pinwheels propped up in garden beds and in vases as you enter office buildings and clinics.
The pinwheel serves as an important reminder to make a difference for kids and families, whether it’s for friends and neighbors at home, or through your business, community group or school.
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One of the highlights of the campaign is the annual luncheon, which has a tradition of featuring fabulous keynote speakers. This year did not disappoint. More than 200 people heard from Seattle-based author Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, who wrote “Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others.”
Her basic message to those who work with kids is that to be effective, we need to take care of ourselves. While this is rewarding work, it takes a toll; and yes, some of us even face trauma. Here’s a quote from her book that inspired me.
“By developing the deep sense of awareness needed to care for ourselves while caring for others and the world around us, we can greatly enhance our potential to work for change, ethically and with integrity, for generations to come.”
Good advice. Not just in April, but anytime.