"Love. Talk. Play." Library of Tips and Ideas

Some of you expressed interest in accessing a library of “Love. Talk. Play.” tips and ideas. I know that you probably can each contribute to this library, but I thought I would get us started with an archive of all the weekly tips I’ve used on the “Love. Talk. Play.” Facebook, Twitter and email channels.

You’ll notice that some of the tips from the archive have a credit to an organization and some do not. Here is my rule on crediting for these things: If I am copying mostly word-for-word, or the tip includes a particularly unique bit of information (such as original research), I credit the organization. If I am sharing commonly known information or I simply got inspiration from somewhere but I used that to create my own activity idea, then I don’t credit. You have to use your best judgment about the space you have and whether you’re copying, but either way – you never have to credit Thrive by Five Washington or me! If you are taking one of the ones that I wrote myself, just claim it as your own.
Please share your resources with me so that I can make them available to the other “Love. Talk. Play.” leads!