"Love. Talk. Play." Materials for 2015

This is a summary of the “Love. Talk. Play.” materials that are available for coalitions to request. Please send this order form to Holly when you need to order materials.


Materials available


folder_icon_732647_Mailer_Eng Foldout activity poster
Available in Chinese, English, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese. This is the piece that goes in the six-month Child Profile mailing. Don’t be shy; order as many as you’d like, but in increments of 25.
brain_science_flyer Brain science one-pagers
Available in English. Each two-sided sheet includes research from I-LABS and activity ideas that correspond. There is one each for love, talk and play, and they come in a set. Order in increments of 50.
CD_Photo Music/activity CD
Available in Spanish. This disc contains 30 minutes of entertainment: content from Activity Cards interspersed with popular Spanish-language children’s music. Order as many as you need; we have a lot in stock.
Ball Small beach ball
This five-inch ball arrives deflated and is meant to pair with the foldout-poster. Order what you need.
SAMSUNG Balloons
A mix of red, blue and green balloons with the “Love. Talk. Play.” logo on them. We have only a few bags left and don’t plan to reorder because demand has not been high.
SAMSUNG Reusable bag
A grocery-sized tote (12.5″ wide x 13.5″ tall x 8.25″ deep) with the “Love. Talk. Play.” logo and website on one side. We printed enough for each coalition to order up to 1,000 bags, but you are not required to take that many.