Regional Early Learning Coalitions Receive $845,000 in Funds

The statewide Early Learning Regional Coalitions have been working to build the connections that make up a high-quality early learning system and to lift up communities’ voices to statewide agencies and policymakers.
Now in their fourth year of funding from Thrive by Five Washington, the regional coalitions continue that important work while also going deeper into key programmatic areas. This is part of Thrive’s Community Momentum grantmaking initiative.
New this year is dedicated funding for regional coordination among home visiting providers; each coalition received $15,000 to create and execute a plan to learn more about home visiting in their regions and help connect home visiting programs to partnerships, support and training.
Another focus in 2014 is the Early Learning Collaboration component of Washington’s kindergarten assessment initiative, WaKIDS. Each coalition is expected to test a kindergarten transition form that would allow child care providers and parents to share information about each child with his or her kindergarten teacher.
“I’m really excited to see the impact regional voice will have on the rollout of key initiatives in our state,” said Dan Torres, Thrive community partnerships manager. “When we think about a continuum from prenatal all the way up to third grade, the coalitions are helping to build a foundation that supports all families in a range of services, from home visiting to child care to preschool and into the K-12 system.”

The coalitions each receive Community Momentum funds, but the amount is competitive based on each coalition’s abilities to align to the state Early Learning Plan and the Community Momentum priorities. Each proposal is peer-reviewed for the fit and feasibility of its plans to represent the communities in its region, ability to influence the development of the early learning system and work toward eliminating the opportunity gap for children of color in our state.
Coalition awards

Funding for Community Momentum comes from state, federal and private sources. The Department of Early Learning partners with Thrive to fund and support the coalition work.