Licensing Family Engagement Materials

The “Love. Talk. Play.” and Getting School Ready! materials are provided at no cost to people and organizations in Washington because the materials were created by members of our community, and they belong to us all.

Thrive Washington strives to share these materials to others, but we must recoup some expenses in order to continue to support their distribution within Washington’s borders.


Licensing agreement

“Love. Talk. Play.” and Getting School Ready! materials are available for licensing in multiple languages. The agreement offers an opportunity to make small customizations to parts of the selected material, and gives the licensee permission to print unlimited copies of the selected material for one year.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Why would I pay to license these materials, if the PDFs are available for free on your website?
A: The content of the materials is mostly universal, but there are Washington-specific resources listed on them. By paying the licensing fee, you get a customized version of the selected material with your local or state resources listed. You are also contributing to the sustainability of the materials for the community members in Washington who worked hard to create them!

Q: How much does it cost to license the materials?
A: The licensing fee varies. We do not intend to make the licensing cost-prohibitive, so we work with each licensee on a fee that fits their budget. Fees incurred by previous licensees have been in the $250-$700 range. Get a price quote

Q: What does the licensing fee cover?
A: The licensee will receive:

  • Print-ready files for the selected material with customized content in the resources section or page. For example, licensees of the Getting School Ready! booklet can propose content for the back page of the booklet.
  • User-friendly PDFs that can be posted to the licensee’s web properties and shared with partners
  • Permission to print unlimited copies in all available languages for one year

Q: What doesn’t the licensing fee cover?
A: The licensee is responsible for:

  • Managing all printing, including choosing a printer and paying printing and shipping costs
  • Translating custom content (if desired)

Q: How long is the agreement?
A: One year.

Q: How do we complete the licensing agreement?
A: Start by filling out our interest form. We’ll follow up with you, and you’ll discuss licensing with a Thrive Washington staff member to make sure it will work for you. Then we’ll ask your organization to sign the licensing agreement. Our finance department will invoice you for the fee, and meanwhile we’ll work together on editing the customizable section(s) of the selected material. When it’s ready, we’ll deliver you the print-ready files, and you can work with a vendor of your choice (or use your in-house printing, if available) to print and deliver the materials to you.