Child Care Center Negotiation Team

Thrive Washington is coordinating a team representing child care providers in the negotiated rule-making process for the Washington Administrative Code for child care licensing. Below is a proposed plan for the make-up of the team and the policies and procedures to govern the negotiation process.

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Team Structure

Negotiation group (10 people) Expert group (At least 10 people)
  • Lead
  • Back-up lead
  • Spokesperson
  • Preparation subgroup members
    (two people)
  • Technical assistance subgroup members
    (three people)
  • Resolution subgroup members
    (two people)
Experts on the following subjects:

  • Child Development
  • Early learning program design and business practices
  • Family Engagement
  • Health and Safety
  • Infant Care
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Learning Environments
  • Legal
  • Nutrition
  • Professional Development
  • Racial Equity and Cultural Humility
  • School Readiness

Important Dates
May (three total days)

  • Kickoff, training and preparation
    May 19-21

June (five total days)

  • Preparation
    June 9-10
  • Negotiation of first group of rules (Intent and Authority, Child Outcomes, Family Engagement, Professional Development)
    June 23-25

July (five total days)

  • Preparation
    July 14-15
  • Negotiation of second group of rules (Environments)
    July 28-30

August (five total days)

  • Preparation
    Aug. 11-12
  • Negotiation of third group of rules (Curriculum and Interactions, Program Administration and Oversight)
    Aug. 25-27