Statement from Thrive Washington

Thrive Washington joins our national early learning colleagues in expressing grave concern for the irreparable damage being done to children at the U.S.-Mexico border. Taking away a parent – a child’s primary source of love, trust and comfort – is one of the most significant traumas you can inflict on a young child. The impact of this trauma is so significant and proven that Washington state’s child welfare programs continue to update their protocols to minimize the instances when young children are forcibly separated from their parents. This kind of toxic stress alters a child’s brain development and can lead to a lifetime of behavior, learning, and physical and mental health challenges. The lives of every one of these children at the border are forever changed, even if they’re only 6 months old. And even if they’re reunited tomorrow.

Learn more about how the toxic stress of family separation can harm a child:



Molly O’Connor, Executive Vice President of External Affairs; 206-621-5562