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Parent engagement is vital to a child’s early development, and Washington parents are doing a relatively good job, with a majority of moms and dads reading and singing to their kids, a new report says.   In our state, roughly two-thirds of parents (67 percent) with kids age 5 and younger tell stories and sing[…..]

  Preschool can be a powerful tool that prepares students to succeed in school and life, but today six of 10 children don’t even attend public preschools that can make that difference, the U.S. Education Department reports.   In a new report, the Education Department lays out the stark reality that 59 percent of the[…..]

  Pre-kindergarten investments may be moving to one of the most valuable positions in American politics: the middle.   A new story in Politico shows how pre-kindergarten reform has broadened its support beyond progressives, sometimes in both parties, to mainstream Republicans and Democrats in “Pre-K education gets seat — in political center.”   This is[…..]

  When we think about early education, cutting edge research and strategies often come to mind. But, we shouldn’t forget about blocks.   A new study suggests that playing with blocks in preschool helps children succeed in subjects many consider keys to our economic future — math, science, engineering and technology — later. Preschoolers who[…..]

  Washington state families are struggling these days, with more than one in three children living in households that too often can’t afford groceries, decent housing and other basic needs, a new report says.   Despite a healthier economy, Kids Count Washington found more Latino and black families struggled with basics. In 2011, 66 percent[…..]

  Over the last eight years, Washington state took big steps in building a leading early education system but it still has a long way to go, receiving a C for early learning in an annual report card on education.   Perhaps the report card’s loudest warning was on the percentage of students reading at[…..]

  One of the biggest debates in early education is about how long benefits of high-quality pre-kindergarten last.   A study released today shows gains from a leading pre-kindergarten program lasted through fifth grade, with children close to a year ahead of where they would have been. Researchers found students from New Jersey’s Abbott Preschool[…..]

  The achievement gap is one of the biggest challenges in education today, clearly showing that low-income students too often start school far behind their peers and stay there. Closing that gap begins by expanding and improving early learning, a new report to the U.S. Secretary of Education suggests.   This month, a federal advisory[…..]