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It turns out preschoolers are studying science more than we may think, though they are not getting enough time to play, two separate studies out of Seattle found. The two findings may not be related, but suggest new ideas for preschool classrooms. One study showed that 4-year-olds can learn about the concept of weight –[…..]

  Toddlers may throw their food, but they are more emotionally mature than we may think. They recognize and adapt to people who are upset and angry, signs they are already developing social-emotional skills they will need later in school, a new study from the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) suggests.   In[…..]

  Toddlers can do math — basic probability and other concepts — and this discovery could lead to new ways of teaching mathematics in early learning classrooms and beyond, a new study suggests.   The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) research showed that toddlers could figure out one strategy was more effective than[…..]