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Washington state is improving its public preschool system — it met nine out of ten quality benchmarks in a new national report — though it ranks lower in access to those preschool classrooms. In the annual State of Preschool, Washington was eighth in state spending; it spent $6,658 per child last year. On access to[…..]

  Washington state has won another federal grant competition, this time earning an $11.5 million award to continue its nationally recognized home visiting work.   The federal Department of Health and Human Services announced Washington’s award as part of a $386 million set of state grants under the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting[…..]

  The cost of child care for families is rising around the nation, increasing at eight times the rate of a family’s income in some places, but Washington state is working to make it more affordable for low-income parents.   In 2012, a U.S. family paid, on average, between $4,863 and $16,430 for a year of[…..]

  Policymakers are building early education systems around the country, and one of their main goals is to create high-quality child care and preschool systems.   But, what exactly is high-quality early preschool? This week, a story on National Public Radio explores this question.   As important as preschool is, defining high quality in child[…..]

  In Congress, legislators unveiled a long-awaited plan today to expand high-quality pre-kindergarten to all low-income families through a new federal-state partnership and make new investments in child care.   The legislation’s focus is on creating new pre-k programs, funding qualified state-run pre-k and improving existing pre-k around the country. Similar bills were introduced in[…..]

  Washington state has created a high-quality preschool system, but the system trails many other states in access to its classrooms, a new report released today shows.   The annual State Preschool Yearbook gives Washington’s Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) generally good marks. The program met nine out of the report’s ten quality benchmarks,[…..]

  Support for early education is growing in the states, with 27 governors mentioning early care and education in their state-of-the-state addresses this year, a steep rise from 17 two years ago, a new report says.   In one of the more powerful signs of bipartisan support for investments in early learning, nearly half of[…..]

  Child care costs rose again last year, reaching the highest level in the District of Columbia, where center-based care for an infant cost, on average, $20,178, a year, a new report says.   Washington ranked 12th among the most expensive states for infant care in centers, with an average annual cost of $10,920, according[…..]