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  In Washington’s upcoming legislative session, quality will be a dominant theme in debates about early learning, quality in preschool, child care, and – perhaps most important – rating systems.   The state’s burgeoning rating system, Early Achievers, is at a critical stage. Today, more than 2,200 of the 7,000 providers around the state are[…..]

  Child care aid is a big rung on the economic ladder because subsidies help struggling parents pay for child care while they work, train for a new job or go to school. This aid allows working but still poor parents to move into the ranks of the middle class.   Given its central role[…..]

  Washington state legislators finally agreed on a new budget and it has plenty of good news for parents, their children and early educators. Despite another state budget deficit, the Legislature continued to invest in child care, preschool and the bridge between early learning and elementary school.   “This session we saw the building momentum[…..]

  Washington state is considering a new experiment within its child care subsidies program that would give some of those subsidies directly to early learning providers.   The basic idea is simple. Under a demonstration project, a qualified provider would receive a limited number of child care subsidies that it would then assign to low-income families.[…..]

  In this year’s renewed debate about how to improve early education there is a lot of talk about universal preschool and home visiting. But, there is not a lot of discussion about one of the pillars of early learning: child care subsidies.   Child care subsidies are a vital support for struggling families trying[…..]

  Child care subsidies are a major element of many state early learning systems, and a new analysis from CLASP highlights the need for flexible programs that fit the sometimes nontraditional schedules of working poor families.   The annual report suggests some states’ child care policies are not flexible enough in covering time that parents[…..]

  The Washington state Legislature opened for business this week and it is expected to debate major early education issues during the next three months, including new funding for state-supported preschool and home visiting, as well as support for school readiness.   This session, the overall education debate will be defined by how the Legislature[…..]

  The New Year began with a congressional deal that will avoid deep cuts to Head Start, child care aid and other federal early learning programs that would have been triggered under an existing budget deal, for now.   But, the agreement is one of the shorter deals in recent federal budget history. The way[…..]

  One of the first steps towards narrowing the educational achievement gap can occur in child care when lower-income parents find affordable high-quality care.   But, a new report shows that nearly all U.S. states fail to support good child care in a critical area: market-based reimbursement rates for providers. Only one state, New York,[…..]

  Congress and the Obama administration agreed to a budget deal last year that will start making deep cuts to a wide range of early childhood services in January, including Head Start, child care subsidies and even vaccinations, a new report found.   Essentially, legislators failed to agree on a package of $1.2 trillion in[…..]