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  We know investments in early education save money later, and a study released this week shows how much this money can lower one of public education’s highest costs: special education.   Researchers at Duke University found the combined impact of two model early education programs cut the likelihood that students would be in special[…..]

  It is peak season for summer vacations, and there is a lot of early education reading you can tuck into your bag with your novels, glossy magazines and tablets. Play   Summer is a season of play, though it has an important role in the classroom, and National Public Radio explores its power and[…..]

  The number of children diagnosed with a disability rose dramatically during the last 10 years — prevalence of childhood disability jumped 16 percent — and that increase was likely fueled in part by a spike in the diagnosis of autism and other neurodevelopmental problems, a new study reports.   It is only the latest[…..]

  A new study shows that one model of early intervention helped children with autism develop normalized brain patterns and social behavior. It also has a lesson for early educators.   This study is more than another in a series of recent breakthroughs in autism research. Number one, it is an important step in treating and[…..]

  The congressional battles over the federal budget are getting tougher these days, as interest groups fight for scarce federal dollars. Within that fight, a new report suggests the debate over how to fund children’s programs is fundamentally flawed, with policymakers failing to back up their public support and advocates adopting weak strategies.   The[…..]