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Summer is in full swing. When you head to the beach, lake, mountains or wherever you are lucky enough to relax, here are some interesting stories and commentary to tuck into your bag.   The Truth Behind the Word Gap – A thoughtful piece in The Dallas Morning News by researchers Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta[…..]

  One of the biggest education stories you may not be hearing about is happening in Seattle’s backyard, and one of its main plotlines revolves around early education.   In South Seattle and its neighboring suburbs, the Road Map Project is creating a comprehensive, and ambitious, plan to double college and career-ready rates by 2020[…..]

  In the debates over education reform in recent years, policymakers and educators revamped and expanded early learning in states around the nation. But, how do we know if those statewide reforms are working?   A new report suggests we need a clearer picture of schools — in particular a new way of measuring statewide[…..]

  In South Seattle, one public school is quietly showing the power of connecting early learning and traditional elementary school with a preK-3rd system.   At South Shore K-8 School, pre-kindergarten in an integral part of the philosophy and building. In the school’s early education wing, preK classrooms run down one side and kindergarten classes[…..]

  State spending on early learning may be finally turning the corner. A new report on 21 state budgets found overall spending on child care, home visiting, pre-kindergarten and other early education increased, and Washington state was among the leaders.   The analysis of state appropriations reported funding for early learning rose roughly 1.5 percent in[…..]

  Last fall, 70 kindergarten, child care and pre-kindergarten teachers packed the Edmonds School District boardroom for an evening to talk about teaching, how children were and weren’t getting ready for kindergarten and generally trade ideas about education from pre-k through third grade.   In many ways that meeting was the culmination of two years[…..]

  Superintendents and principals are often drivers of broad educational changes and one of the challenges in early leaning is that these leaders don’t always have a background and understanding of the importance of education before elementary school. But, that is changing.   When the National Association of Elementary School Principals outlined its top recommendations[…..]

  Finland’s educational system is among the world best in key global rankings, and lately U.S. policymakers and advocates are trying to see what lessons its K-12 system holds.   A new story in Education week highlights one reason for Finland’s educational success: Its teachers.   Finland’s teacher education scheme is the result of the[…..]

  Banks know how to invest money, and when one of the nation’s biggest talks about the importance of investing in early education, it is worth listening.   This month, JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s philanthropic arm laid out a compelling case for high-quality early learning, one defined by quality rating systems, smooth transitions from pre-kindergarten[…..]

  The U.S. Department of Education released its final application for its latest Race to the Top and the bad news is it will not focus on early learning, but the good news is that there still will be opportunities, according to reports.   The latest race will focus on district-level reforms, asking school districts to submit[…..]