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We are in the final days of summer, and this fall holds the promise of important developments in early learning in the other Washington, and here in Washington state.   Earlier this year, the U.S. House and Senate may have surprised more than a few people by passing different versions of legislation that would change[…..]

Early learning is playing on the national stage this week, with a new and dramatic proposal to change Head Start, and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton endorsing universal preschool. Under the new plan from the Office of Head Start, the federal preschool system would move to longer days and a longer year, the Associated Press[…..]

Head Start turns 50 this week, a milestone that reminds us that in many ways the War-on-Poverty program pioneered the path that led to today’s push for a broad and high-quality early education system. Over the last half-century Head Start showed us how to build an effective preschool, from the importance of parental engagement and[…..]

  What is the value of a year in a high-quality preschool?   The answer to this question is complex and still emerging, but a new analysis may have provided a chunk of the answer this month by explaining what the Head Start Impact Study really tells us about the federal government’s largest preschool program.[…..]

  Washington state’s preschool program is producing impressive results, supporting larger gains among its alumnae on tests in elementary school than the average of a group of other programs around the country, a new study reports.   The positive report is a big boost for the 30-year-old Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), one of the nation’s[…..]

  Washington state will compete for funding in the federal government’s new preschool grant contest that would help develop its Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), and it’s positioned to make a competitive run.   In its application, Washington can highlight its strong record of investment in ECEAP, including that it’s in the middle[…..]

  We spend a lot of time analyzing the emerging world of high-quality early education, but this world isn’t springing from thin air. It is important to review past work that is fueling new ideas about what child care and pre-kindergarten can be.   Over the past week, two stories did that by exploring different[…..]

  Washington state is taking a big step this year towards its goal of offering public preschool to all low-income families by adding 1,350 new chairs in classrooms this fall, and it’s focusing on the most at-risk families.   Since 2010, the state has been expanding the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), and[…..]

  It is federal budget season again, and President Barack Obama is pushing for big investments and changes in early education, proposing healthy increases in spending on home visiting, preschool and Head Start.   In his 212-page vision for federal spending, the president once again proposed his plan to expand and improve preschool. He asked[…..]

  Washington Gov. Jay Inslee proposed new early learning investments in his plan to enhance the current state budget, including creating 500 spots in the state-sponsored preschool program and supporting improvements in the state’s quality rating and improvement system.   This week, the governor officially kicked off the budget season by unveiling his supplemental budget.[…..]