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  We have a federal budget deal and in the new lowered-expectation Congress, early education does not fare too badly.   Under the proposed deal, cuts to domestic spending will not be as severe in the coming fiscal year. Head Start, for example, already lost 57,000 slots in the current fiscal year, but should do[…..]

After you finish the last piece of pie, we have a set of stories about what’s happening in early education for your Thanksgiving break:   “Cities Lead the Charge on Pre-K.” Ed Central, New America Foundation, 11/21/13. (Follow the story’s author, @MeganCarolan, for the latest developments in early learning.)   One of the biggest early[…..]

  High-quality preschool works. That’s the message in a new report that lays out how research on preschool goes well beyond a few high-profile programs — and proves how high-quality preschool improves academic performance and provides a great return on investment.   The report shows that long-term studies found a wide range of preschool programs,[…..]

  Washington state took a major step towards improving access to early education this month, unveiling a new plan that will expand its public preschool program for low-income families across the state during the next five years.   Earlier this year, the state Legislature called on the Department of Early Learning to develop a plan[…..]

  In both Washingtons policymakers often focus on sweeping budget problems, but ongoing across-the-board cuts in federal spending are eroding early learning services here and around the country.   In 2011, Congress and the Obama administration couldn’t agree on a plan to cut the federal budget deficit and that failure triggered automatic across-the-board cuts in[…..]

  One of the biggest debates in early education is about how long benefits of high-quality pre-kindergarten last.   A study released today shows gains from a leading pre-kindergarten program lasted through fifth grade, with children close to a year ahead of where they would have been. Researchers found students from New Jersey’s Abbott Preschool[…..]

  President Barack Obama’s early education proposal is not much more than a good idea sketched on a large cocktail napkin, full of potential, but little detail.   But, there is enough detail on that policy napkin to explore how Washington state would fit into the president’s plan to create universal access to preschool, expand[…..]

  President Barack Obama sketched out the early learning ideas from his State of the Union speech today and his plan goes well beyond preschool to investments that would create a continuum from birth through kindergarten.   The defining element remains a federal-state partnership that would build a universal preschool system. But, he also would[…..]

  One of the nation’s longest-running early education programs seems to be headed for changes.   In recent months, the federal Head Start program has been at the center of early learning debates, including new research questioning its impact, a pilot program that will merge Head Start and Early Start, and re-competition of more than[…..]

  It is a busy winter for early learning in the public policy and research worlds, and it’s time to catch up.   President Barack Obama is weighing an ambitious new public policy in early learning: universal pre-kindergarten for children from lower and middle-income households, Huffington Post reports.   Whereas Head Start emphasizes things like[…..]