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  Today, a rising wave of children are arriving in preschool and child care with a label — a diagnosis of autism, ADHD or another disorder — and they are changing early education.   The spike in diagnosis of childhood disorders means that 1 in 9 children are now told they have attention deficit hyperactivity[…..]

  Policymakers are building early education systems around the country, and one of their main goals is to create high-quality child care and preschool systems.   But, what exactly is high-quality early preschool? This week, a story on National Public Radio explores this question.   As important as preschool is, defining high quality in child[…..]

The world of early learning is full of good ideas these days, but too often there isn’t enough money to back the work. Last week, early educators and a Wall Street lion teamed up to create a financial instrument that could bring new streams of funding into that world.   Goldman Sachs, the United Way[…..]