Since the midterm elections, headlines and pundits have been screaming that Washington, D.C., is now a city divided. Despite this partisan divide the Republican-led Congress and Obama administration can make progress on early education during the next two years.   They can do this by sweating the ideologically smaller stuff, i.e., supporting preschool and[…..]

  The number of children diagnosed with a disability rose dramatically during the last 10 years — prevalence of childhood disability jumped 16 percent — and that increase was likely fueled in part by a spike in the diagnosis of autism and other neurodevelopmental problems, a new study reports.   It is only the latest[…..]

  It is a busy winter for early learning in the public policy and research worlds, and it’s time to catch up.   President Barack Obama is weighing an ambitious new public policy in early learning: universal pre-kindergarten for children from lower and middle-income households, Huffington Post reports.   Whereas Head Start emphasizes things like[…..]

  A new study shows that one model of early intervention helped children with autism develop normalized brain patterns and social behavior. It also has a lesson for early educators.   This study is more than another in a series of recent breakthroughs in autism research. Number one, it is an important step in treating and[…..]