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  Toddlers can do math — basic probability and other concepts — and this discovery could lead to new ways of teaching mathematics in early learning classrooms and beyond, a new study suggests.   The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) research showed that toddlers could figure out one strategy was more effective than[…..]

  When we think about early education, cutting edge research and strategies often come to mind. But, we shouldn’t forget about blocks.   A new study suggests that playing with blocks in preschool helps children succeed in subjects many consider keys to our economic future — math, science, engineering and technology — later. Preschoolers who[…..]

  Kindergarten students may be better at math than we think.   A new study says kindergarten teachers spend a lot of time teaching math concepts — basic counting and geometric shapes — that their students already know. This repetition may not only bore kindergartners, it may depress their test scores at the end of[…..]

  A new report on the skills of incoming kindergarteners in Washington state found more than two-thirds were at expected levels for physical abilities, but many fell short on math. It also showed opportunity gaps between different races and genders when children start school.   Overall, nearly 80 percent of kindergarten students showed typical physical[…..]