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We are in the final days of summer, and this fall holds the promise of important developments in early learning in the other Washington, and here in Washington state.   Earlier this year, the U.S. House and Senate may have surprised more than a few people by passing different versions of legislation that would change[…..]

  Since the midterm elections, headlines and pundits have been screaming that Washington, D.C., is now a city divided. Despite this partisan divide the Republican-led Congress and Obama administration can make progress on early education during the next two years.   They can do this by sweating the ideologically smaller stuff, i.e., supporting preschool and[…..]

  Washington led early education reform this week when Sen. Patty Murray called for a new vision and investment in preschool and child care.   On Tuesday, Sen. Murray announced she would introduce sweeping new legislation that would provide all children access to high-quality early learning programs that would connect with the K-12 system and[…..]

  After President Barack Obama proposed his sweeping plan to build a high-quality early education system – universal preschool was only part of it – one of the obvious questions was: Will it go anywhere?   The Obama administration is working hard to ensure it does.   The president’s budget is full of good ideas[…..]

  A new poll suggests strong public backing for investments in early education, one of the latest signs of support for President Barack Obama’s plan to create universal access to preschool and improve early learning.   In the poll, 67 percent supported investments like those in the president’s plan.  What is more interesting, however, is[…..]

  President Barack Obama sketched out the early learning ideas from his State of the Union speech today and his plan goes well beyond preschool to investments that would create a continuum from birth through kindergarten.   The defining element remains a federal-state partnership that would build a universal preschool system. But, he also would[…..]

  The New Year holds perhaps the greatest potential for federal progress on early education in recent years, with the Obama administration sending strong signals it’s working on an ambitious plan to expand access and plenty happening in Washington state.   Over the weekend, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said the administration has to do[…..]

  Research keeps showing that early education matters, but a new report found that the federal government spent less on children in fiscal 2011 than the year before, the first decline in roughly three decades.   Overall, federal outlays on programs for children dropped to $376 billion in fiscal 2011 from $378 billion in fiscal[…..]