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  It is peak season for summer vacations, and there is a lot of early education reading you can tuck into your bag with your novels, glossy magazines and tablets. Play   Summer is a season of play, though it has an important role in the classroom, and National Public Radio explores its power and[…..]

  Business leaders are a growing force in early education, as executives recognize the strong workforce they are demanding starts developing in the womb, crib and preschool classroom. Today, many businesses not only support early learning, but also help shape public policies.   Their role was clear over the last week. A coalition of business[…..]

  The power of play is back in the news again, with two new reports helping to define its role in early education.   Last week, one of the leading thinkers in early childhood development, Alison Gopnik, released a new article suggesting that babies and toddlers learn in some of the same ways as scientists.[…..]

  Summer is a good time to step back and think about bigger issues in education, and a new commentary raises one important, if overlooked, idea: “The Rat Race of Childhood.”   In the essay, Vicki Abeles, who directed the educational critique “Race to Nowhere,” suggests the current debate raging about the challenges of modern[…..]