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Parent engagement is vital to a child’s early development, and Washington parents are doing a relatively good job, with a majority of moms and dads reading and singing to their kids, a new report says.   In our state, roughly two-thirds of parents (67 percent) with kids age 5 and younger tell stories and sing[…..]

  Federal policymakers are divided, but in U.S. states there is bipartisan support for investing in pre-kindergarten, where pre-k spending has risen for the second consecutive fiscal year, according to a new report.   States boosted state spending on pre-k by $672 million in fiscal 2014-15, building on a 6.9 percent increase the year before,[…..]

  When students arrive for the first day of kindergarten, too often it’s like they are getting onto a moving train a few stops too late.   They should have jumped on the train in pre-kindergarten, if not at birth, and traveled on an integrated track to kindergarten.   Today, the New America Foundation laid[…..]

  Universal preschool has become one of the popular topics in the national discussion about early learning, and Seattle is now one of the cities that may actually turn that talk into a reality.   During the last year, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has been developing a plan to dramatically expand voluntary preschool for the[…..]

  The digital world of iPads, e-books and ever-expanding types of screens is a reality in early education. Whatever teachers and parents think about the ubiquity of screen time, it isn’t going anywhere and there is a need for a plan.   An ambitious new report lays out a new framework to help them make[…..]

  Congressional negotiators struck a deal to fund the federal government this week, and within it agreed to start work on President Barack Obama’s early learning proposal.   The latest congressional budget deal funds two elements of the early education plan the president featured in his 2013 State of the Union address: a competitive grant[…..]

  We have a federal budget deal and in the new lowered-expectation Congress, early education does not fare too badly.   Under the proposed deal, cuts to domestic spending will not be as severe in the coming fiscal year. Head Start, for example, already lost 57,000 slots in the current fiscal year, but should do[…..]

After you finish the last piece of pie, we have a set of stories about what’s happening in early education for your Thanksgiving break:   “Cities Lead the Charge on Pre-K.” Ed Central, New America Foundation, 11/21/13. (Follow the story’s author, @MeganCarolan, for the latest developments in early learning.)   One of the biggest early[…..]

  In Congress, legislators unveiled a long-awaited plan today to expand high-quality pre-kindergarten to all low-income families through a new federal-state partnership and make new investments in child care.   The legislation’s focus is on creating new pre-k programs, funding qualified state-run pre-k and improving existing pre-k around the country. Similar bills were introduced in[…..]

  Pre-kindergarten investments may be moving to one of the most valuable positions in American politics: the middle.   A new story in Politico shows how pre-kindergarten reform has broadened its support beyond progressives, sometimes in both parties, to mainstream Republicans and Democrats in “Pre-K education gets seat — in political center.”   This is[…..]