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Washington state’s work in early learning during the last decade has been an incredible story, defined by its success building high-quality systems of child care and preschool and its emergence as a national leader in early education. I have been lucky to cover this story for Thrive Washington, the breakthroughs in research and practices, impressive[…..]

Good preschools are important, but preschools aligned with the first four grades of elementary school can be even more powerful because a PreK-3rd system can give students a strong start and foundation for success. Today, both Seattle and San Francisco are building these foundations.   As the city of Seattle prepares to launch its pilot preschool program[…..]

  Congress is once again debating an overhaul of the nation’s overarching K-12 law, and the latest plan would improve early education, though those steps would be relatively small compared to initiatives in state capitols around the country.   This week, the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee is debating a bill that would revamp[…..]

  President Barack Obama once again made a splash about the importance of early learning with his State of the Union speech Tuesday. But the biggest waves in early education this year will likely be made by states.   In his annual address to the nation, the president proposed tripling and expanding the child care[…..]

  In Washington’s upcoming legislative session, quality will be a dominant theme in debates about early learning, quality in preschool, child care, and – perhaps most important – rating systems.   The state’s burgeoning rating system, Early Achievers, is at a critical stage. Today, more than 2,200 of the 7,000 providers around the state are[…..]

  One of the things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving is the growing coverage of early education that is extending deep into mainstream media. Over the last week, there have been thoughtful features on universal preschool, an in-depth report about low pay for childcare workers, and even a story on academic research.   After[…..]

  Washington state will once again be in the middle of the P-3 movement later this month at the fifth annual National P-3 Institute, with three of the state’s schools districts joining teams at the four-day meeting.   This year the P-3 symposium will be held at the University of Washington. Educators will travel there[…..]

  It may be summer, but Washington educators will go back to school next week to work on the state’s early education continuum at the Starting Strong Sixth Annual P-3 Institute.   This year, the conference will begin by focusing on full-day kindergarten and the potential of marrying neuroscience and education, two areas where Washington[…..]

  One of the biggest education stories you may not be hearing about is happening in Seattle’s backyard, and one of its main plotlines revolves around early education.   In South Seattle and its neighboring suburbs, the Road Map Project is creating a comprehensive, and ambitious, plan to double college and career-ready rates by 2020[…..]

  In South Seattle, one public school is quietly showing the power of connecting early learning and traditional elementary school with a preK-3rd system.   At South Shore K-8 School, pre-kindergarten in an integral part of the philosophy and building. In the school’s early education wing, preK classrooms run down one side and kindergarten classes[…..]