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  What is the value of a year in a high-quality preschool?   The answer to this question is complex and still emerging, but a new analysis may have provided a chunk of the answer this month by explaining what the Head Start Impact Study really tells us about the federal government’s largest preschool program.[…..]

  Preschool can be a powerful tool that prepares students to succeed in school and life, but today six of 10 children don’t even attend public preschools that can make that difference, the U.S. Education Department reports.   In a new report, the Education Department lays out the stark reality that 59 percent of the[…..]

  The first in a series that explores compensation in early learning.   Preschool and child care teachers typically don’t earn high or even medium salaries. In fact, students who major in early childhood education earn the least during their careers, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution.   Low pay among early[…..]

  Once again Americans are saying they want the federal government to expand pre-kindergarten, with 70 percent supporting greater federal funding to ensure all children have access to a good pre-k classroom, a new Gallup poll found.   This is the second poll in the last two months that shows voters want improved access to[…..]

  Washington state made significant progress in building a high-quality early learning system over the past five years. And Republican and Democratic voters overwhelming say they support even more investments, a new poll says.   During the last decade, Washington has invested in a comprehensive early learning strategy, including expanding access to preschool. The percentage of children[…..]

  Washington’s public preschool program ranked among the leading states in quality and funding, sitting among the top 10 that hit quality benchmarks, according to an annual review of preschools across the country.   But, the state must complete an ambitious expansion of preschool in the coming years to fulfill its commitment to broader access[…..]

  Business leaders are a growing force in early education, as executives recognize the strong workforce they are demanding starts developing in the womb, crib and preschool classroom. Today, many businesses not only support early learning, but also help shape public policies.   Their role was clear over the last week. A coalition of business[…..]

After you finish the last piece of pie, we have a set of stories about what’s happening in early education for your Thanksgiving break:   “Cities Lead the Charge on Pre-K.” Ed Central, New America Foundation, 11/21/13. (Follow the story’s author, @MeganCarolan, for the latest developments in early learning.)   One of the biggest early[…..]

  Washington is one of the most expensive states for center-based infant care and has one of lowest rates of enrollment in preschool in the nation.   In a new Child Care Aware report, Washington ranked as the ninth least affordable state for center-based care for infants. Oregon was the most costly. Only three out[…..]

  In Washington, D.C., there has been a lot of debate about what works in early education. Now, a new report shows Washington state’s preschool program is having success boosting social-emotional, literacy, mathematics and other core skills among students.   Over the course of the last school year, the percentage of preschoolers in the Early[…..]