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We are in the final days of summer, and this fall holds the promise of important developments in early learning in the other Washington, and here in Washington state.   Earlier this year, the U.S. House and Senate may have surprised more than a few people by passing different versions of legislation that would change[…..]

  President Barack Obama once again made a splash about the importance of early learning with his State of the Union speech Tuesday. But the biggest waves in early education this year will likely be made by states.   In his annual address to the nation, the president proposed tripling and expanding the child care[…..]

  It has been a year of momentum in the world of early learning, capped by Gov. Jay Inslee’s commitment to high-quality preschool, home visiting and child care in his budget proposal and the White House Summit on Early Childhood Education.   At Birth to Thrive Online, we will take a break during the next two[…..]

  Washington Gov. Jay Inslee made an ambitious commitment to early learning this week, proposing a two-year $156.3 million budget that would invest in home visiting, a quality ratings system for licensed child care, and the state’s preschool program — and maintaining the state’s position as a national leader in early education.   Gov. Inslee[…..]

  Once again Americans are saying they want the federal government to expand pre-kindergarten, with 70 percent supporting greater federal funding to ensure all children have access to a good pre-k classroom, a new Gallup poll found.   This is the second poll in the last two months that shows voters want improved access to[…..]

  It’s been two years since President Barack Obama proposed his sweeping early education plan and it remains stuck in the congressional swamp, nowhere near his desk.   Instead, states and cities continue to lead the way on early learning reforms. New York City, for example, has launched an ambitious universal preschool program, and Seattle[…..]

  It is federal budget season again, and President Barack Obama is pushing for big investments and changes in early education, proposing healthy increases in spending on home visiting, preschool and Head Start.   In his 212-page vision for federal spending, the president once again proposed his plan to expand and improve preschool. He asked[…..]

  Child care aid is a big rung on the economic ladder because subsidies help struggling parents pay for child care while they work, train for a new job or go to school. This aid allows working but still poor parents to move into the ranks of the middle class.   Given its central role[…..]

  President Barack Obama grabbed headlines recently for his renewed push to build a better early education system. But the president is just trying to catch up with states, where work has been gathering momentum for years.   Since the president’s latest push in his State of the Union address, a set of writers have[…..]

  President Barack Obama made another push in last night’s State of the Union for a state-federal partnership that could build a new early education system, but with a twist. The president suggested he might not wait for Congress.   Given the partisan fighting that has stalled work on many public policy issues in Congress,[…..]