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  President Barack Obama once again made a splash about the importance of early learning with his State of the Union speech Tuesday. But the biggest waves in early education this year will likely be made by states.   In his annual address to the nation, the president proposed tripling and expanding the child care[…..]

  President Barack Obama grabbed headlines recently for his renewed push to build a better early education system. But the president is just trying to catch up with states, where work has been gathering momentum for years.   Since the president’s latest push in his State of the Union address, a set of writers have[…..]

  President Barack Obama made another push in last night’s State of the Union for a state-federal partnership that could build a new early education system, but with a twist. The president suggested he might not wait for Congress.   Given the partisan fighting that has stalled work on many public policy issues in Congress,[…..]

  Early learning may have hit the big time in the State of the Union last night.   Early in the speech, President Barack Obama called for universal access to high-quality preschool, giving early learning not only a top spot in the state of the union, but also on his agenda for the second term.[…..]

  One of the nation’s longest-running early education programs seems to be headed for changes.   In recent months, the federal Head Start program has been at the center of early learning debates, including new research questioning its impact, a pilot program that will merge Head Start and Early Start, and re-competition of more than[…..]