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  Preschool can be a powerful tool that prepares students to succeed in school and life, but today six of 10 children don’t even attend public preschools that can make that difference, the U.S. Education Department reports.   In a new report, the Education Department lays out the stark reality that 59 percent of the[…..]

  The achievement gap is one of the biggest challenges in education today, clearly showing that low-income students too often start school far behind their peers and stay there. Closing that gap begins by expanding and improving early learning, a new report to the U.S. Secretary of Education suggests.   This month, a federal advisory[…..]

  In Washington state, legislators are getting ready for a new session and they may want to add a new American Prospect story about how Oklahoma built a universal pre-kindergarten system to their reading list.   Among the article’s strongest points, and it has many, is the way it describes how Oklahoma’s pre-k system was[…..]